As a family-owned small business, we understand the importance of keeping our customers safe during this time of hardship and uncertainty. Upon reopening, we have updated our strategies and recommendations to protect the health and safety of our employees and clientele as we seek to resume normal business operations. We have taken the following steps to keep our customers safe and prepare our business for routine visits:

Performing Routine Cleaning

We perform environmental cleaning by vigilantly disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, such as our countertops, workstations, and doorknobs. Additionally, we sanitize all jewelry after it has been handled by customers and employees. When working on a piece or custom order, we sanitize the jewelry when we receive it and after we complete the work. Our goal is to continue to provide excellent customer service while making sure you remain healthy and comfortable during our interactions.

Wearing face coverings and frequently washing our hands

At Skatell’s, we follow proper prevention hygiene by requiring our employees to frequently wash their hands and to use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available. Additionally, all of our employees wear cloth face coverings to limit the spread of the virus during the pandemic. We strictly adhere to and enforce health guidelines put in place by our state, and we work hard to communicate those protocols to our customers.

Social Distancing

Knowing that COVID-19 can spread from person to person when in close contact with another, we maintain social-distancing guidelines of keeping our customers 6 feet apart. As a small business, we create a personalized experience, usually only working in-store with a couple of customers at once. Our location is spacious, making it easier for us to remain socially distant.

Scheduling appointments

Upon request, we schedule appointments with customers in advance of their visits. You are also welcome to drop-in during normal business hours. Feel free to call us at 704-544-1118 to schedule an appointment.

As always, customer satisfaction and safety is of the utmost importance to our business. We continue to provide you with high-quality jewelry while also remaining committed to keeping you safe. Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or recommendations at this time.